Best Betting Sites

Best Betting Sites

How Do We Review the UK’s Best Betting Sites?

Our review process is the most robust in the marketplace. We go through the sign-up process personally, deposit funds and test every product from bet placement, Cash Outs, bet type and bet settlement to ensure it’s the best possible experience from start to finish.

Not all bookmaker betting sites are the same. Some will be strong on horse racing, some on football, some major in tennis, cricket and golf and others on specials markets and politics.

We aim to find the best sites that combine all factors, add value to your experience and importantly play fair when it comes to customer service and security. You can be sure all are fully licenced by the UK Gambling Commission. If they don’t match up to our expert team’s expectations, then they simply don’t make the cut and they shouldn’t get your business. Here’s what we ensure is covered:

Bonus offers and free bets
In a competitive marketplace you can rightly expect a clamour for your business and the first interaction with your newfound betting site should be a rewarding one. We break down the Terms and Conditions attached to any sign-up offer, deposit bonus or free bet to ensure it is genuine and achievable for those who 1xbit bonus points want to take it up. We cover wagering requirements, qualifying attributes and provide the information you need to avoid any confusion. There is nothing more frustrating than not getting what you signed up for and thanks to our team of industry experts we make sure that doesn’t happen.

Market variety
There is little point signing up to a new betting operator and not being able to place a wager on something that you can bet on with others but not at your new bookmaker. Market choice is important to us and it should be to you. Our recommended sites deliver choice and access across all genres, from the Cheltenham Festival in horse racing to elections in politics, TV specials to prime-time international events.

Mobile experience
Betting on the move with online bookies is what punters have come to expect from the best online betting sites in the UK. The days of having to make a phone call or having to find high street betting shops, filling in the slip and waiting in line are long gone. Nowadays the leading online betting operators will have mobile optimised websites and seriously clever apps that allow you bet with one or two clicks wherever you are and whenever you want, signal permitting! We test the mobile experience to the hilt and if it doesn’t deliver, we let you know.

Sign-up process
In recent years the sign-up process for an online betting site to avail of the best bookmaker offers has become more complicated but that is truly in the customer’s favour. Completing the customer verification process at the outset of joining a new betting site is streamlined, simple and secure and once completed allows you to withdraw faster, utilise more payment methods, have access to better promotions and feel secure in your relationship with your chosen bookmaker.

Expect to provide the following information as a minimum and anything unique or different is fully disclosed in our expert reviews:

Photographic ID
Full Name and Address with Post Code
Date of Birth
Security Questions – Mothers Maiden Name / First Pet Name etc
Proof of Address / Utility bill within 3 months that clearly shows your name and address
Payment Method Details – Credit /Debit Card or eWallet information for your first qualifying deposit
These days all this information can be provided directly online – uploading documents to a secure portal within the operator’s website is simple to do. Customer Support can verify an account in minutes and the delay to being a fully operational customer is practically a thing of the past with the best betting sites.

It makes sense to have this information to hand when signing up. If you prefer to provide it when making a withdrawal following a win, as some operators will allow, it is a tiresome experience when all you want to do is cash out your winnings.

Payment methods and banking options
Never have so many options been available to UK betting customers when setting up an online betting account. The traditional method for online transactions of Credit and Debit Cards are still the most commonly used, as you would expect. But these days the use of eWallets like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and other newer options are open and accessible with most operators online.

Our in-depth sportsbook reviews detail these options in full transparency for every betting site we recommend. We explain the monetary limits, deposit and withdrawal times for each service and what to do when you need to change from one to the other.

We also take time to consider each option as the initial transaction for a user. Some operators will allow eWallets as a first deposit option but will not qualify that deposit for a sign-up bonus, free bet or deposit match and this is something to be aware of when signing up and placing your first bet.

Industry reputation
We care what existing customers think of the most popular betting sites we review and break it all down here on

Our team of reviewers take time to check the forums, test the customer service and delve into pain points that existing customers have with betting operators. Whether it is a promotion that didn’t deliver, a new product experiencing teething problems, or a disputed bet that wasn’t handled properly you can trust us to know and have an opinion on it.

We also take time to fully appreciate the high points of these elements, which site is the quickest to assist a customer, has the best live chat, the best ongoing rewards and the most innovative approach to user experience. Existing customers are a great guide to which brand is going to suit you best and we take that to the heart of our recommendations.

Security and support
We ensure that all our recommended betting sites provide a secure transactional environment for payments, document storage, betting history and personal details. We test their customer support, their response time and efficiency in dealing with you as the consumer in a fully compliant and, most importantly, a regulated and licensed environment.

Licensing and legislation
Every single betting site we recommend is fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. We display license numbers, corporate details, customer support information and everything you need to know to be certain that you only interact with the safest and most transparent sportsbook betting operator options online. If they don’t match up, they simply don’t appear on our site.

Odds and pricing
To some, the competitiveness of the prices and odds offered by a bookmaker is the sole reason for betting with one operator over another. The UK marketplace is fiercely competitive and variances in the odds of a single event can be startling. That’s why it often pays to have more than one account. Having several accounts can be extremely handy if you want to get the most value for every bet you place online.

Consider the same scenario if you were shopping online for a particular item. Its price may vary at several different online outlets and whilst you may be prepared to pay a little more to get the item quicker or to receive loyalty points at a certain outlet, it is still an important decision that you have to make when other choices are available to you.

Betting online is very similar. Whilst Best Odds Guaranteed or Enhanced Odds are available with many online operators, our reviewers try to establish a pecking order with our recommended sites in terms of their prices and odds. Do they match up to the best most of the time and do they aim to lead the way with the markets that are most common and expected?

Our reviews focus on this and give you the information you need to make an informed choice. However, there is no substitute for shopping around and having several operators available to you from our best betting sites list.

Streaming options
Having a bet can be a great thrill. However, if you’re on the move and not viewing the results unfold, it can take away from the experience. Many betting sites now offer the option to watch the action via a live stream once you have placed a bet. A small minimum stake applies but for a wager of as little as 50p, you can watch the result of your bet unfold from the moment you get involved until the end.

If this is crucial to you be sure to check out our best live streaming betting sites that provide this service with the smartest user experience possible. There are many to choose from and the quality varies from site to site.

User experience
The biggest issue faced with the UK betting audience is getting the ideal user experience they want from an online betting site. Are the sports you want to bet on easy to navigate to, does the operator lay out the options in a way that makes finding what you want simple and efficient?

Can you track your bets, check your profit and loss or take an early Cash Out when you want to change your mind and if you want to withdraw how long does it take?

These are paramount and 1xbit test a huge focus for our review team when they deliver a final verdict and score on a betting site. The look and feel and style of a site might be skewed to a certain type of sports bettor and you will see in our reviews that we pay attention and know the difference.

Understanding what you need is important and knowing that we care about that will help you to make the best choice. Remember, it is your choice and not ours – the right site is out there, maybe even a combination of two or several sites is what you need to get every facet covered and unlock free bonuses.

Take the time to read over our reviews and find the best one for you, from user experience over mobile versus desktop or tablet, the payment options, the customer service and loyalty schemes, the bonus on offer and the markets and pricing.

Our Team of Online Betting Industry Experts
Our bookmaker reviews team is made up of regular active sports bettors, ex-betting industry employees, traders and odds compilers, customer support staff and tech-savvy marketeers. No one person can cover all aspects of an online betting site review, so we pool resources to make the complete and definitive guide on the internet.

With regular and in-depth updates to each submission, covering every bonus and sportsbook change as it happens, you can be sure that we have the most comprehensive rankings, industry information and detail available at all times so your decision is as simple as it should be before making your sports bets.

This is true whether you are just starting out with online betting or a hardened pro who wants VIP support and bells and whistles from your online operator.

The Group team has rightly received awards for just this process from industry peers and panels. We pride ourselves on transparency and dedication when it comes to informing our users. We remain committed to backing up our process and our way of working by improving and striving for progress through recruitment, customer feedback and information gathering that other sites can only attempt to emulate.

What the Best Online Betting Sites Offer
The best online betting setting sites will invariably offer a bit of everything that is important to the user. Great market coverage and excellent customer service, aligned with the speed of process and entertainment, will be at the core of all online betting platforms.

When we decide who is the best and what marks out a serious betting operator from the rest we want the following things to stand out:

Streamlined, secure and straightforward sign-up process.
No hidden requirements, ease of process and ability to complete in a one-time efficient sitting is paramount.

Sign up bonus / free bet / deposit bonus
An introductory offer that is accessible, achievable and valuable. No hefty wagering requirements, difficult terms and conditions or hidden loopholes.

Mobile experience and multi-platform use
How does the platform work when on the move, what is it like when under the most pressure i.e. 3 pm on a Saturday afternoon! Can you access on a laptop, phone, and tablet with equal usability?

Loyalty promotions and rewards
How does it cater for loyalty and rewards if you are a regular player? VIP clubs, free bet schemes, bet insurance and bonuses. What level of play is needed to qualify for additional benefits and how difficult is it to achieve them?

From debit card deposits to eWallets, how long does it take depositing into your new account, what methods can you use and what are the time limits? More importantly how long does it take to withdraw your winnings? Speed of access to funds is crucial when deciding on which bookmaker to choose online.

Markets and In-Play betting
Many sites will be comparable in terms of sports and markets they offer but do they match up when it comes to price competitiveness and In-Play odds? Are the In-Play options robust and varied, do they allow Cash Outs and quick turnover on the sports you want? Can you choose between decimal and fractional odds at the click of a button?

Is an online betting operator the best for football, tennis or horse racing? Do they cover American sporting events like NFL or basketball better than others? We call out the specialities and the deficiencies to make sure you are in the right place from the get-go. You don’t want to be faced with a predominantly online casino site that has just added a sportsbook on the side as an afterthought.

How to Identify Fully Licensed and Legal Betting Sites in the UK
If we recommend a certain online betting platform then you can be sure it is fully licensed and legal to operate and accept your custom in the UK. If you are considering a certain platform to bet on sports and can’t find it on, then beware. All of the operators you’ll find on our site are fully vetted in person by our expert review team and we display all of their corporate information and bona fides as a matter of course.


Understanding MLB Gambling Lines Odds

Understanding MLB Gambling Lines Odds

MLB money lines are dependent on positive in addition to negative figures and indicate the amount of money a much better must wager in order to win £ 100 or just how much a £ 100 wager would win. Bad numbers indicate just how much you must gamble to succeed £ 100. For example, if Boston has a cash line of -140 this means you should wager £ 150 to win £ 100.

Positive numbers indicate how much you’ d win from your £ 100 wager. So if Baltimore includes a money range of +160, this would mean the win of £ 160 on the £ 100 gamble. To exercise how very much you’ d succeed on a different wager amount, you just have to scale the figure up or down proportionally. So a £ 1 gamble at -140 would certainly pay out £ 1 . 40.

Betting the particular totals involves wagering how many runs will certainly be scored inside a single online game by both teams combined. If Birkenstock boston and Baltimore are usually playing one another together with an over/under established at 8. zero, you would end up being betting on whether or not typically the teams would report 8. 0 works combined, with typically the chance to double up your current guess in case you are proper.

Options contracts bets involve season-long goals for both teams and players. These can be bets on whether a team will win the World Series, the American or National League subject, a Division Sequence title, a Division title or help to make among the two Wild Card positions in each league.

Bets can even be made on whether players will win one of the most Valuable Player award for each and every group or Cy Younger award given to the best glass pitcher of each league. Bettors can furthermore wager on whether players will win Gold Glove awards for best fielding by position, Metallic Slugger awards for best offensive player simply by position and which player will codigo bonus apostas online struck the most house runs. The odds for these targets shift almost every single day, so timing is everything when inserting bets.

Techniques for MLB Betting Strategy
With 2, 430 regular-season games played each season, there are usually a multitude of probabilities to guess on baseball from 04 to early Oct. The timing associated with these games can play a massive role on the outcome as teams with division headings locked up can rest players, plus teams inside the playoff hunt could deal with increased amounts of strain.

The " spoiler" aspect in which a team that has no stake within the postseason may possibly take pride in eliminating another teams’ chances is also something to take into account as the time of year progresses. Teams without pressure can at times outdo teams along with loads of pressure, because have been seen pretty a few times in MLB history in playoff races.

One newer aspect of the overall game of which has led in order to greater levels of competition is the particular introduction of the particular Wild Card Game. Rather than having three division winners and the " Wild Card team" with the best remaining document, it was decided that two teams in each league would certainly play a one-game playoff to determine who participates the five-game Divisional Round.

Possessing a 162-game season come down to be able to one game will be both a thrilling and completely nerve-wracking idea, and while it offers allowed for a lot more teams to contend for your playoffs, it has put a much greater focus on winning your section, which has already been great for keeping a regular level of competition throughout the year.

Player Factors to Consider Any time Betting MLB
Streaks plus Slumps | It’ s often joked that star batters only need in order to obtain a hit " 30 % of the time, " as batting above or around. three hundred is recognized as a tolerance for regular success and sometimes a standard for All-Star status (more on football stats here). With that in brain, many players do not bat. three hundred, so it’ h important to take into account slumps and hot bats when picking teams. Some players tend to begin every single season in slumps and get upwards to speed because the season progresses. If a team’ s superstar is in the particular midst of any decline, that should push them at a disadvantage until they usually are able to break out of that will slump. Likewise regarding pitchers who could possibly have put up the few bad performances, or could be at present overperforming or upon a hot ability. With so many games throughout the season, individual slumps and hot lines are pivotal whenever picking, as season-long consistency is normally an exception and not the norm.
Pitching Depth | Generally teams together with deep pitching rotations tend to do well over the training course of a time of year. A pretty great rule of thumb when picking strength against strength would be that the best pitching can often neutralize typically the best hitting. Groups that are strong in both relation are obviously solid bets. However, in times teams of which struggle offensively nevertheless have strong pitching can defeat offensively powerful teams by playing " little ball, " meaning stringing together several hits with smart baserunning to " manufacture" enough operates to win.
Pitching Matchups | A time by which two " aces, " or perhaps top pitchers, for each and every team square away may be considered a new pitchers’ duel plus therefore be considered a low-scoring affair. These would be solid periods to look at the under guess for overall runs scored. Often throughout the time of year mismatches with middle-of-the-rotation starters against aces will frequently provide a new good idea of teams to wager on.
Pitching Matchups v Lineups | Whenever analyzing an upcoming game, it’ t useful to look from how a certain pitcher has harmonized historically with batters in the selection they’ ll end up being facing. Some pitchers dominate some lineups, while likewise some batters do far better than anyone else against a particular glass pitcher. When a collection is facing a new pitcher the first time, particularly during an MLB debut for your glass pitcher, it can be difficult for hitters to understand what in order to expect and bring about a day of struggling at typically the plate.
Young Rosters vs. Old | More mature players tend to be able to be better to forecast than younger players, and younger teams have a higher upside than groups brimming with veterans. A new young roster together with breakout prospects may have a a lot higher ceiling for example due to a lack of expectations, whereas old players often have expectations due in order to past performances plus often trend down when it comes to production as they edge closer to retirement. This is simply not always the circumstance, being a good blend of young and old gamers can support old players by giving these people protection in lineups and alleviating individual pressure.

Team Considerations Any time Betting MLB

Rubber Video games | Most sequence are three video games long and a " series win" is usually a common aim for many teams throughout the season. Several series are four games, many are just two. In the common three-game format, the particular final game of a 1-1 split is referred to as a " plastic match, " that will determine the success of the collection. This will likely often provide out a higher level associated with effort in both clubs due to the short-term goal. Likewise, a team along with a 0-2 collection deficit will frequently appearance to avoid getting swept, if not necessarily for optics compared to everything else. With this specific in mind, a team down 0-2 may be a a lot more solid wager as compared to the team ready to sweep.
Strength associated with Division | The strength of a particular department throughout is the two assumed at the particular beginning of a new season based on the previous period and evolves throughout the season. Divisions through which two or a lot more large markets along with big spenders be competitive, including the AL Eastern (Yankees, Red Sox) and NL Central (Cubs, Cardinals) usually are often assumed to be ultra competitive given the fact that will there can simply end up being one division winner and two Wild Card spots within each league.
Rivalries | Baseball rivalries run as deep or deeper than rivalries in any some other American sport. The brand new York Yankees and Boston Red Sox have the many pronounced rivalry might be in most of sports activities, and their games each season bring a good extra level of episode no matter which usually side is recognized as better. The particular Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Capital are the following closest regarding enthusiasm and are regarded the biggest rivals in the National League. Some other great deal of money rivalries contain the Bay area Titans and the Los Angeles Dodgers and Harrisburg Astros and Arizona Rangers. Some interleague rivalries that take place within the similar city include the Subway Series (New York Yankees versus. New York Mets) and the Crosstown Classic (Chicago Cubs vs . Chicago White Sox).